Richardson's Boating Holiday Welcome Aboard 2015 App
Richardson's Boating Holiday Welcome Aboard 2015 Publication App, March 2015
Richardson's Boating Holidays are an experienced local company with boat hire availability for the Norfolk Broads. Archant Dialogue print their seasonal brochures which are given out to customers at their base in Stalham, Norfolk. 
So I was thrilled to transform the Richard's Boating Holidays printed brochure into a digital publication app for the iPad. The Welcome Aboard 2015 Season digital brochure featured an introduction from founder Robert Richardson, and included an interactive guide to routes across the broads, tips from previous customers and popular destinations along the way. 
The app was a great way to exhibit a traditional brochure in an engaging, modern way and was used for a pitch which showcased Archant's digital products where Richardson's continues to be an advertiser.
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