Working with Archant's Learning & Development team, I produced two animated films promoting the company's Leadership Academy & Values'.
Archant Leadership Framework Film, February 2016
Archant's Leadership Academy helps managers and leaders become better coaches which includes workshops about personal effectiveness and developmental needs.
After a brief was fulfilled to design a printed leaflet, I proposed an animated film which explored the leadership principles. The leaflet concept of a 'good leader' was broken down into 12 segments which corresponded within Archant's three values: Pride, Respect and Creativity.
The film was a fantastic way to present these ideas around mentoring without solely depending on printed material and was to be used as discussions within the seminars. The farming theme was inventive as I was able to tell stories about communicating and inspiration using rich and bespoke illustration.
The film was variably shown in its entirety or as separate chapters and was gratefully appreciated by the L&D team.
Archant Values Relaunch, August 2016
Archant's idea was that it's employees should share a common set of values, customs and behaviours. If we have these in common, driven by a common purpose it will help us achieve our goals. 
The eleven-minute film explains the reasoning behind our decision-making, focusing on 'Why' we do things and showed the contrasting lives of Samuel Pierpont Langley and the Wright Brothers.
This video aimed to communicate the same message to the 1600 employees across Archant and was presented as apart of a Value's Workshop. The Workshop discussed the ideas around the values and concluded on how we can collectively and individually 'Bring the Values to life'.
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