The original plan for Insight Day was to provide a free live seminar which helped SMEs get to grips with digital marketing. The event was to take place at The Space, in Norwich at the end of April 2020.
The event required a name and a brand, and it needed to be 'exciting' and  'enticing'. However we also wanted to include the 'Archant' masthead and not appear too exclusive.
Taking inspiration from the Adobe, Microsoft and similarly attended IAB events, I designed some concepts with the name 'Insight Day' in which we wanted to clearly identify it as an event 'that was well worth attending'.
The concepts and brand were well received and all of the marketing material including digital advertising, social media videos, an email campaign and a LinkedIn document were all designed.
However in mid-March 2020 and due to the coronavirus restrictions, the live event transitioned to a free webinar series so it gave national SMEs the opportunity to watch via Zoom.
Due to the success of the original three webinars during Spring 2020, the designs, formatting and marketing have continued and there are an extra six webinars scheduled for rest of 2020.
You can find out more about the Archant's Insight Day webinars here.
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